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Product Name – Tymo Ring Plus Hair Straightener Brush

Where to Get Product: Can be purchased on Amazon

Tymo ring plus hair straightener brush is one of the latest beauty crazes. It has 4.5-star ratings on Amazon and, on many occasions, made its appearance across social media channels such as Instagram and Tiktok. Today we will review the Tymo hair straightening brush to see if it will live up to the hype.

What is the Tymo Ring Plus Hair Straightener Brush

Simply put, It is a brush that straightens your hair.

Tymo Ring Plus Hair Straightener Brush

Who is Tymo hair straightening brush for?

One would love to go to the salon to get her hair done when needed, but many of us women do not have the money or the time to treat ourselves to this luxury. So we need affordable styling tools that we can use at home that will produce the same results as if we had our hair professionally styled. The Tymo Hair Straightening brush seems to fit the bill, but can it produce high-quality results?

Key features of the Tymo hair straighten brush

  • Nano titanium coating for even heat distribution which helps prevent breakage and damage
  • 9 temperature settings for different hair types
  • LED display, you can easily find the most suitable temperature to create a fantastic hairstyle
  • 360 swivel cord for flexible styling
  • Heats up to the desired temperature in 25 sec
  • 30 min auto shut-off to prevent someone from getting burned (or possibly burning down the house)
  • Ionic The ionic will lock down the moisture in your hair, bringing out natural shine and reducing the breakage due to over dry
  • Sunken button design to avoid accidentally switching off or changing temperatures while styling.

Unboxing the Tymo hair straightening brush

The Tymo Hair straightener box was sealed closed with plastic wrap. I removed the plastic, and a sturdy, sleek package was held closed with a magnetic lip. I was surprised to see more than just the Tymo hair straightening brush in the box.

Additional items in the box were as follows:

  • Brush (fits in your palm)
  • Hair Clips (x2)
  • Heat gloves
  • Owner manual
  • Card with warranty etc

The last thing in the box was what we came to see—the Tymo hair straightening brush. It was nicely placed in a velvet or velvet-like drawstring bag. Once removed from the bag, I admired how neatly the cord was wrapped, and even a plastic cover protected the plug.

How I prepared my hair before using the Tymo ring brush

Before testing, I washed my hair with SheaMoisture Intensive Hydration Shampoo, SheaMoisture Conditioner Intensive Hydration, and SheaMoisture Intensive Hydration Hair Mask. I sprayed my hair with BTZ heat protectant to prevent heat damage and provide a shine. I then dried my hair with the Revlon One step hair dryer. You can see a review here. Before using the brush, I sprayed my hair with BTZ heat protectant again and also used Fantasia IC Hair Polisher Heat Protector Straightening Serum.

Frizz Buster
Shea Moisture shampoo conditioner and repair
Beyond the Zone heat protectant

Testing the Tymo straightening brush

Now for the part, you guys have been waiting on- Testing to see if the theTymo hair straightening brush is worth all the hype!

I turned on the brush and set the temperature at 410 as my hair usually takes this heat setting on other hair tools to straighten or curl. It took about 60 seconds to heat to that temperature. I advise you to start at the lowest setting and then go higher until you get to the desired temperature for your hair. You can always increase the temperature, but if you have it set too high, you will burn your beautiful hair, and it will take a while to bounce back from the damage. 

 I parted a small section of my hair and used the clips to hold the other part of my hair out of the way for testing. I put the heat glove on my left hand to protect it from burns and used my right hand to control the brush. I started at the root of my hair and glided the brush down to the ends, similar to if I was using an old-school straightening comb or flat iron. I followed the same process of parting hair and straightening it until done.

Final results

See the video below for the final results.

Pros and cons of the Tymo hair straightening brush


  • As stated on Amazon, it did not heat up to 410 in 25 sec. It did, however, heat up in about 60 secs, as displayed on the box.
  • It shut off after 30 minutes
  • With the 360 swivel cord, the cord did not get tangled, making it easier to style hair.
  • Simple to use


  • Even with the new button design, I accidentally changed the temperature setting a few times.
  • I could not straighten my edges with it, so I had to use another hair-straightening tool.
  • It could be considered expensive. The price with tax mad the brush is around $75, but prices may vary depending on who you buy it from or if you run into any deals.

Final Thoughts

The ultimate question; was the Tymo Ring Plus worth the hype? In my honest opinion, No. I say no because the brush did not get close enough to my roots to get my hair as straight as I needed or wanted. For the time being,  I will be sticking to my Maxiglide XP Flat iron. You can see that video review here.

-Peace Out

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