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Where to Buy: Stove Top Cover is Available on Amazon

I have horrible scratches, dirty spots, and scuff marks on my stovetop. It makes me cringe every time I look at it. I have tried Bartenders friend powder form, Bartenders Friend Soft scrub form, Cermabryte with Cermabryte sponges, Windex multipurpose spray, and Dawn Power Wash spray out of curiosity, but it still looks like a hot mess.

I would love a gas stove top, but all my burners still work, so that would not be the smart thing for me to do. So, I bought a stove cover by Larsic to cover the disgrace and make it look better.

STove top

Key Features and Claims

  • Anti-Slip Coating
  • Waterproof
  • Expands Usable Space 
  • Can be used for electric, ceramic, induction, and gas stoves
  • Protects stove tops from scratches, scrapes, glass cracks, and spills
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 6 Sizes (14X11.5, 24×21, 28.5×20.5, 28.5×20.5 Double Layer, 31×24 and 36×21)
  • 12 Colors/Patterns (Black, blue, dark green, flowers, gray, red, rose, beige, brown, lion, lion 2, and tiger)

Stove Top Cover Review


In the box, there is the mat rolled up neatly in plastic. Once the mat is unrolled, we find that one side is very smooth and semi-glossy. In contrast, the other side is more of a rubbery feel and dull look. I would assume this is the anti-slip side. The mat also has 2 hook loops on one side to hang the mat when not in use.

There are 3 hooks. Each of them is attached to plastic-like stickers. They look flimsy, but I suppose you would not know the strength until you actually install them and hang the mat on them. To install them, you simply remove the backing from the plastic and stick them in your desired place.

Instruction manual with warning messages.


How to Apply the Stove Top Mat

Simply unroll the mat and lay it over the stovetop. Boom, that’s simple.

Note: Before I purchased the mat, I measured the length and width of the mat as this is the only way to know what size to buy for your stovetop.  

Stove top cover on stove top


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to store away when not in use.
  • Hides unsightly stove top spots
  • Easy to clean 


  • Plain 


1 Month Update

As previously stated, this is not the stovetop mat that I wanted (You probably already heard me say this a thousand times), but it was the one that fit my type of stovetop.

I followed all the instructions for cleaning, not putting it on a hot stove, etc., but I noticed a few spots of dimpling. These were no small dimpling spots, but moderate spots.

I did not make such a big deal about it, but one day I saw an email from the company in my email inbox. Well since they asked, I provided my feed back via email instead of the Amazon listing. Crickets. No one followed up with me regarding my concern. Now that concerned me. 

I have yet to leave an Amazon review, but now that I am writing this update I believe it would be helpful to do so to warn others.

Final Thoughts

Amazon has so many stylish stovetop mats for electric stoves, but unfortunately, my options were limited due to my stovetop burner knobs being on the top of the instead of the front. It will work and serve its purpose, but it is not exactly what I wanted. Overall I am satisfied with the product as it is of excellent quality.

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