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Product- Sushi Making Kit

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Are you an avid sushi lover looking to make restaurant-quality sushi at home? Or are you an avid sushi maker looking to upgrade your at-home setup? I will review the Luxury Sushi-making kit to see if it will help you Roll Sushi Like A Pro. The kit also includes the well-known Sushi Bazooka.

I did not try sushi until adulthood. After repeated attempts, I could not find one I liked. In 2021, I found the perfect sushi roll, but the place is 40 miles away, and each roll is about $23. If I am craving sushi, I may not feel like driving 40 miles to and from. Thus the reason I am trying the luxury sushi maker to find out if I make restaurant quality/styled sushi rolls at home.

Key Features and Product Claims

  • Make perfectly rolled sushi at home
  • BPA Free
  • Easy to use – beginners or professionals
  • Make any style of sushi – roll or
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe

What Is In The Luxury Sushi Making Box?

Luxury Sushi Making Tools
  • 1x Bazooka Roller
  • 2x Bamboo sushi mats
  • 2x Temaki Rollers
  • 1x Rice Mold
  • 1x Rice Spreader
  • 1x Rice Paddle
  • 1x Sushi Knife
  • 1x Sushi Mold for Cutting
  • 2x Sauce Dish
  • 2x Chopsticks Holder
  • 5x Pairs of Chopsticks
  • 1x Guide Book

Luxury Sushi Making Kit Review

Although there are 20 tools in the luxury sushi kit, I did not utilize everything as I would have made enough sushi to feed a family of four or more.  

From the kit, I used the Sushi bazooka, chopsticks, sauce bowls, rice spreader, rice paddle, guidebook (Thank goodness for the instructions sheet as I would not know how to roll sushi without it), sushi knife, and the rice mold for cutting.

I did not get the opportunity to use the sushi mat, rice molds, chopstick holders, or the temaki roller. In my opinion, that is not bad at all.

 Although I did not utilize all of the tools I believe I used enough to make sushi rolls and determine if it was worth the buy.

Sushi Prep Work

Before I started, I bought, cooked, and prepared all of my ingredients. -And, of course, washed my hands, dishes, and all surfaces I was to work on.

Sushi rice – I used sushi (short-grain) rice, rice vinegar, and sugar. The recipe I used is here 

Tempura Shrimp- I used shrimp coated in flour, egg, milk, and Panko crumbs. The recipe I used is here. 

Cucumber cut into strips

Crab sticks cut into long sections 

Avacado sliced

Smoked salmon 

Cream cheese cut into thin slices like sticks

Seaweed  Sheets 

How To Use The Sushi Bazooka

How to use the sushi bazooka
  • Open sushi bazooka
  • Take the plunger rod out and lay it across the middle of the rice. Press the rod firmly into the rice. Repeat on the other side. This will create the groove needed for the ingredients for your sushi.
  • Return the rod to the screw position of the Bazooka. Place ingredients in to the groove you just created.
  • Carefully close the two halves
  • Latch the bazooka shut
  • Twist the cap to the end of the bazooka to close it
  • Twist the plunger 5 times to compress the rice
  • Unscrew the end cap
  • Push sushi out with a plunger unto the seaweed/nori sheet
  • Roll the sushi roll with a nori sheet
  • Wet Nori sheet
  • To allow the nori sheet to soften, leave for 15 minutes before cutting
  • Slice through with a knife wiping the knife after each cut
  • Enjoy your perfectly rolled professional sushi


  • A variety of tools to make and roll sushi
  • High-quality tools
  • Easy to use


  • Only instructions on how to use the Bazooka – Hard to know what to do if you have never used any other tool in the kit.
  • The snaps on the Bazooka come off if manipulated too much or over-exerted but easily snap back in place.


I made eel sauce and yum yum sauce to compliment my sushi rolls.

Sushi Results

Final Thoughts - Did I Roll Sushi Like A Pro?

The sushi rolls turned out great! This luxury sushi-making kit was perfect for making the sushi roll I often crave. It was not an exact replica of the sushi I purchased from my favorite restaurant, but it might close. Next time I will need to balance my rice and inner ingredients or use the seaweed paper better, as whatever I did, my ingredients were busting through certain parts of the roll. Regardless, I rolled sushi like a pro!


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