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Dazzle Your Smile with NBGRLVS Dental Water Flosser!

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Product Reviewed: NBGRLVS Water Flosser

I recently got my hands on the NBGRLVS Water flosser. I got it because I truly believe your mouth and dental hygiene is an important part of your health and also because the people in my life hyped it up so much. Now knowing the concept behind a water flosser, I believe it can potentially be the secret weapon I need to achieve that dazzling smile I always wanted. 

Key Features and Claims

Deep Cleaning of every corner of the mouth. 

Unboxing of the Water Flosser

The box came in a simple white box with the product name, its model number, and a product picture. The package was easy to open, and everything was packed snugly and neatly.

 The first thing that greeted me was the water flosser in all of its glory with a 320ml removable water tank. It looked classy and felt well-made. I got it in black, which is always my go-to color, but there is an option to choose pink or white.

 Next was a moderate-sized box. USB cable for charging (note: adapter not included). Last but certainly not least was the user manual for quick setup.

 Inside the mystery box was a sleek and stylish transparent storage case that housed 6 interchangeable nozzles that different family members could use: 1 tongue tongue-cleaning nozzle, 4 standard nozzles, and 1 orthodontic nozzle to clean your teeth and stimulate and massage the gums—everything you need to keep your pearly whites in tip-top shape. 

What's in the Water Flosser Box

How to Use

The Waterflosser was very easy to use.

  1. Add water
  2. Insert Nozzle
  3. Press the mode button to choose the proper pressure or mode
  4. Place in your mouth
  5. Push the power button to turn on flosser
  6. Floss/ clean teeth
  7. Press power again to turn the flosser off

The NBGRLVS Experience

Now, let’s talk about the actual product. The water flosser is sleek in design and is about 9 inches with the water tank and floss head. With the flosser attachment, it tops out at about 12 inches, depending on which one you use. 

To add water to the flosser, you can detach the bottle completely from the flosser head or simply open the flap on the back. With 2 ways to fill the water tank, there is no stopping you (except if the water starts overflowing the tank). Whether you want a gentle massage for your gums or a deep cleaning experience, you can customize six adjustable pressure levels to your liking.

It was so easy to use. I took one of the attachments and simply snapped it into the head of the flosser. You can choose the pressure setting before you power it on, or if you need to change it at any time during the flossing session, you can do that by pressing the small button on the bottom of the flosser head. You can tell the level by the level of the blue light that shows on the side of the flosser. 

To power the flosser on, press the larger button above the pressure setting button or the top button on the flosser. I had never used a flosser before; thus, I did not know what to expect. Even at the lowest setting, This little wonder packs a punch! It surprised me but in a good way. 

When I was done, I tried the charger out. I had to use one of my adapters to charge it via the wall plug since one did not come in the box.  The charger slid into the charger hole quickly and did not take long to charge.

The Smile Inducing Pros

  • The 320ml water tank is a game-changer because it is larger than most other water flossers. You’ll refill it less often, making your dental routine a breeze.
  • You can address specific needs with six interchangeable nozzles, from standard cleaning to orthodontic care. There’s even a tongue-cleaning nozzle! Come on. 
  • It is compact and cordless, making it perfect for travel. 
  • The 360° rotatable nozzle ensures you can clean those hard-to-reach spots effortlessly.
  • Can last up to 30 days on 1 full charge
  • Reasonably Priced.


  • Adapter Not Included: While it comes with a USB cable, you’ll need to provide your own adapter for charging.
  • Can be uncomfortable if you set the pressure setting too high.
  • Accidentally sprayed water all over the place simply because I did not read instructions first (READ THE INSTRUCTIONS FRIENDS!) 
Water flosser video blooper

Final Thoughts

Absolute Winner!

Despite the small hiccup of needing a separate adapter and accidentally spraying water all over the place (off-camera blooper), I’m head over heels for the NBGRLVS dental water flosser. It’s made my oral care routine more efficient, effective, and fun.

So, if you’re searching for a dental companion to help you maintain a winning smile, I wholeheartedly recommend the NBGRLVS Water Dental Picks. Don’t wait; grab yours now here and join the ranks of happy, healthy smiles!

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