Crystal Hair Remover

Crystal Hair Remover

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Product Reviewed: Crystal Hair Remover

Where To Get It: You can get the Crystal Hair Remover on Amazon

Yet again, I found another beauty product on TikTok that promises excellent results. What was the product? The crystal hair remover. When I see these products, I am very skeptical of whether they will work. If my curiosity peaked, I’m sure many other women’s interest peaked. So I decided to test it.

I originally was going to purchase the Bleame, but it had around the same ratings as other crystal hair removers, so I chose a crystal hair remover that had good ratings and was a good price.  I’m always up for a good deal.

The Crystal hair remover excited me as I have used many different electric razors only for them not to hold a good charge or stop working. I also used 1, 2, and 3-blade razors with cream, but I only like to use these types of razors once as I don’t want to drag bacteria from previous use to anywhere on my body or it loses their sharpness leaving knicks and burns.

Key Features And Claims Of The Hair Remover

  • Painless hair remover
  • Exfoliates dead skin
  • Improves skin tone
  • Easy to clean
  • Reusable for up to 3 years
  • It does not hurt the skin
  • A great alternative to razor because of razor burns and cuts, painful waxing, and expensive laser hair removal
  • Small and compact for easy portability
  • Crystal hair eraser is safe to use on knuckles, arms, legs, chest, and back (Caution: Use anywhere else at your own risk).


What's In The Box

The only thing in the box was the hair remover wrapped in a bubble wrap pocket.

Surprisingly there were no instructions on how to use the crystal hair remover, so I had to go back to the Amazon product listing to get the instructions on how to use the hair remover.

Hair Eraser Unboxing

How To Use The Crystal Hair Remover

  • Soak skin with warm water before use
  • Dry your skin
  • Rub the hair eraser on your skin in a circular motion
  • If your skin feels uncomfortable, try mixing it with water or cream to reduce skin irritation. Caution
  • Don’t use it too hard
  • Rinse after every use

Review Of The Crystal Hair Eraser

The Crystal Hair Remover

I removed the magic hair remover from the bubble wrap. The hair remover side had an interesting shine and felt gritty when I rubbed my fingers across its surface.

On the opposite side, a curved surface makes the hair removal tool fit easily and comfortably in my hand.

Using The Remover Tool

I started using the tool on my arm, rubbing the tool in a circular motion. Initially, it did not seem like the hair was coming off, but after I applied more pressure, the tool started removing the hair. I was absolutely shocked as I did not think it would work.

Next, I moved to test the tool on my knuckles as I always have had hair knuckles which I usually shave to remove the hair. I honestly wanted to test how the tool would work in small areas. I was amazed at how fast it removed the hair.

Last, I tested the hair remover tool on my legs. By this time, I seemed to have gotten used to the pressure I needed for it to work more effectively and efficiently. The hair remover also worked great on my legs.

After I started using the hair remover on my legs, I began to worry that I would get the feeling of friction burn. Fortunately, my legs, arms, or knuckles did not feel any different than when using my electric razors or other razors.

In each area I tested, I noticed that dead skin was being exfoliated. So much so that my skin seemed somewhat brighter when I was done. This was a bonus.


Hair Eraser Used On Arms

Hair Remover on Arms

Hair Eraser Used On Legs

Hair Remover on Legs


  • Easy to use
  • No hairy mess to clean
  • Left skin smooth
  • No scratches or knicks
  • Exfoliated skin


  • It takes a long time to get rid of hair
  • Left white residue on dark clothing
  • No instructions

Final Thoughts

Overall the crystal hair remover was good. Is it something I would use again? Yes. Is it anything to rave about? No. But I will keep it in my arsenal of beauty supplies.


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