Stop head board from banging against the wall

Stop Headboard From Hitting The Wall With These Anti-Shake Tools!?

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Product – Bedframe Anti-Shake Tool

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Are you having issues with your headboard hitting the wall? Yeah, me too!

Today, we will review the bed frame anti-shake tools to see if they will stop annoying headboard banging issues and perhaps stop you, your family, and/or neighbors from losing their minds.

What is the Bed Frame Anti-Shake Tool?

The anti-shake tools, also known as bed stoppers, are pieces that go between the headboard and the wall, stopping the headboard from hitting or banging the wall.

Key Features and Claims

  • 4 in a pack
  • 5 different adjustable sizes. Add chart to convert sizes to inches
    • 27-42 mm
    • 27-66 mm
    • 27-90 mm
    • 27-114 mm
    • 27-138 mm
  • Requires no drilling in the headboard or the wall
  • Easy to Install
  • EVA cushion protects the wall from damage
  • Can also be used on other furniture that has the possibility of banging or hitting the wall (but today, of course, the bed is our focus).


The anti-shake tools come in a simple bubble wrap package with a simple label.

 Inside the pack:

  • 4 anti-shake tools
  • 12 extender pieces that made the anti-shake tools adjustable in size.
  • 4 double-sided circular sticky tape.
Anitshake tool in bubble wrap
Antishake tools unpackaged


The Bed

Ok, guys, here is the bed. Yes, it’s rigged, and there is no shame here. I folded up a blanket and stuffed it behind the headboard to provide stability and cushion. When I remove the blanket, there is a good amount of headboard rocking.

The bed is old, and it is just not what it used to be, but the way I’m set up, whether one would call it cheap or practical, it doesn’t matter because I will be using this bed until it falls completely apart.

How to Measure the Space for Installation of the Anti-shake tools

I almost freaked out because I could not remember if I measured the space between the headboard and the wall before ordering the headboard stoppers. I either did or got very lucky because I measured shortly before this video, and It seems I picked the correct size. Thank goodness. I say that to say this- BE SURE to measure before ordering.

Per instructions from the company, take a measuring tape and measure from the headboard to the wall. I got a measurement of 3 inches- give or take

How to Install the Anti-shake tool

There are 4 anti-shake tools, and there are 12 pieces that make the anti-shake tool adjustable. I will apply 3 adjuster pieces to each anti-shake tool. Simply unscrew (counterclockwise) the two pieces that make the anti-shake tool and then add each adjuster (3) and turn clockwise to tighten the pieces to the bottom half of the anti-shake tool. Lastly, screw the top part of the anti-shake tool into the adjuster

Installng Anti shake tool


  • Sitting on the bed with my back against the headboard while reading.
  • Sleeping in bed for 5 nights
  • Standing in the bed
  • Jumping in the bed         

Final Thoughts

The anti-shake tool held up great; the bonus was that I only had to use 2 out of the 4. The only downside was the degree of stickiness of the anti-shake tool sticker, depending on the surface you were installing it.

 For example, the head of my bed had two different kinds of wood, so one part of the anti-shake tool stuck to the headboard well while the other side was holding on for dear life.

So you need to be aware of what surface you will be installing the anti-shake tool as you want to ensure you have all you need beforehand.

3 Month Update

This update is short and sweet. The anti- shake tool is still attached to the bed and is preventing my head board from hitting the wall.

-Peace Out

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